When to stop using halo bassinet

When to stop using Halo bassinet

Because of its handy features, the Halo Bassinet has become one of the most popular brands in the world, usually rated on top of many lists of nursing must-haves. It boasts many outstanding features like 360 degrees swivel and waterproof pad among others, so we get it when parents get fond of it. But should it be used for a long time? No. Halo Bassinet should be discontinued from use once your baby is up to five months of age.

Halo Bassinet Weight And Height Limit

How long your baby can use Halo Bassinet depends on their age, weight, and limit. The Halo Bassinet is recommended for babies up until their fifth month alive or when they are 20 pounds (9.1kg). However, the maximum weight threshold is 30 lbs (13.6).

In this article, I will provide 5 alternatives for you if you are considering a transition out of Halo Bassinet.

What To Use After Halo Bassinet

1. A Mini Crib

If you are looking for a reliable item to use after Halo Bassinet, you should consider a mini crib. One fantastic thing about a mini crib is that it doesn’t take up much space. Besides this, some smaller types come with wheels for enhanced portability and can be easily folded when they are not being used. Another good thing about a mini crib is its affordability; it is exactly the item to buy if you are building your baby’s nursery on a limited budget.

2. Pack N Play With A Fitting Mattress

If what you want is a comfy place for your little one to sleep; there is no more convenient option than Pack N Play with a fitting mattress. If you are talking about travel, Pack N Play comes with a long-lasting frame which makes it perfect for travels and adventures. And if portability is your spec, it comes with a push-button fold that makes it easy to deconstruct in seconds. It also comes with feet that fold on automation, and wheels that give it a compact size when folded. Pack N Play boasts of airy mesh on all sides, and promises your baby maximum ventilation.

3. A Toddler Bed like the Shelter Toddler Bed

Once your baby gives Halo Bassinet up, toddler beds are one of the next reasonable items to jump on. Talking about toddler beds, the Shelter Toddler Bed easily dwarfs its close competition. To start with, here is a bed with soothing and curved lines which prevent your baby from catching their pajamas on the rail while climbing in at nighttime. It also comes with rails at both ends and keeps your baby feeling firm in a warm and cozy environment. Besides being affordable, the Shelter Toddler Bed is affordable and certified by Greenguard Gold for adequate ventilation.

4. A Pop and Play

For them at Pop and Play, safety comes first, and this is why the baby play yards are designed with sturdy rails that secure your baby with a safety lock, a breathable mesh for adequate visibility, and a UPF50+ UV canopy. With its product dimension at 59” (W) × 48” (H), Pop and Play is the next best item for your baby after Halo Bassinet, as it provides them with all the space they need to crawl, romp, and roll for hours.

5. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Transitioning your baby out of Halo Bassinet? You should check out the next arms-reach co-sleeper that comes your way. Ideal for small spaces, here is one bassinet with three modes that grow as your baby does. As a bedside sleeper, it works by attaching seamlessly to your own bed. As a free-standing bassinet, wherever you want to go in the world, it goes with you. And when your baby outgrows it for nighttime use, it becomes a fantastic play yard.

Bottom Line

The Halo bassinet is great for babies, no doubt. But here’s the thing; your baby cannot use it for a long time, so you need to opt for a bigger alternative. In this article, we have highlighted 5 options for you if you are considering a transition out of Halo Bassinet.

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