Alternatives to Moses Basket

5 Alternatives to Moses Basket for Downstairs

As a new parent, once you give birth to a baby, the next question that comes to mind is where you are going to put them on when you get home. In all your thinking, though, safety must be at the forefront. Moses basket is one of the safest carriers you can get for your baby. The only drawback to it is, it can be outgrown in a little time, which is why you need alternatives to Moses basket for downstairs.

Do I Need Moses Basket for Downstairs?

If you have the space, then there is nothing bad in getting a Moses Basket for downstairs. Sometimes you may be in the living room downstairs, and want to use the bathroom or make drinks, or do any other thing. With a Moses Basket downstairs, you have somewhere safe to place your baby.

Can You Use Carrycot Instead Of Moses Basket?

A carrycot is perfect for overnight use and has Velcro ventilation flaps beneath the mattress. What having a carrycot means is, you don’t have to move your baby if she falls asleep while playing, and if she falls asleep before you go out, you can always place it on the wheels and go. And yes, you can use it instead of Moses Basket.

Alternatives To Moses Basket for Downstairs

1. Pop Up Tent Bed

If you want an elegant alternative to Moses Basket for downstairs, you should get the Pop Up Tent Bed, a product that is not only easy to set up, but also portable, travel-friendly, and lightweight. With its net weight of only 12 lbs, there is no stress moving it up and down. And if keeping an eye on your baby means a lot to you, you have that in the soft and airy mesh fabric from which this bed is made.

2. Snuggle me Organic Bare Baby Lounger

For your little one, there is no place like your arms. If you want to make things easier for her, you should get her a lounger like the Snuggle me, which is easily the next best thing after mummy’s arms. Designed to hug your baby’s whole body, here is one lounger with a snuggling sensation that works wonders at calming and soothing your baby precisely at the time when you need extra aid. When it comes to babies, it is not just about the design, safety is key too. This is what you get in the organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics from which this lounger is made.

3. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Portable Infant Lounger

The Baby Delight Lounger is another excellent alternative to Moses basket for downstairs. Whether at home or on the go, it creates a comfortable corner for your baby to sleep and nap in. If you are worried about your baby’s breath, this product has tall walls lined with a soft and comfortable mesh, which gives your baby adequate air circulation and breathability. The sheet and cover are removable and machine-washable.

4. Beberoad Love Baby Travel Bassinet

Are you looking for a versatile alternative to Moses basket for downstairs? Beberoad baby bassinet is one option you should take seriously. It comes with an aluminum alloy portable frame that not only provides a solid and stable resting space for your little one, but also prevents them from falling over when standing, and you from mistakenly pressing on your baby when sleeping beside them. Beberoad understands that trips are a part of life, and has therefore designed this bassinet with sunshade and mosquito net, to safeguard your baby from dangerous light and bad bugs.

5. Pamo Babe Portable Crib Baby Playpen

If you want the best alternative to Moses Basket for downstairs, Pamo Babe is a brand you can trust. They have been at it for 14 solid years, and know what works and doesn’t when it comes to baby crib design. Not only is this baby playpen perfectly adorable, it comes in bright colors and characters that can keep your baby curious. Whether you want to travel or use it at home, the Pamo Babe portable crib gives you nothing but the very best.

Bottom Line

It is not enough to get your baby a comfortable carrier to sleep in; you have due diligence to do in ensuring the space is safe too. Although Moses Basket ticks this box, babies tend to outgrow it rather very quickly. To stay clear of unnecessary worries and stress, you need an alternative to Moses Basket that you can keep downstairs for times when you may have to quickly get something done around the house. We have compiled a list of 5 great alternatives to Moses basket for downstairs in this article, and hope you found the right one for you.

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