What do you need for halo bassinest

What do you need for halo bassinet?

One type of sleeping area suitable for newborns and young infants is the halo bassinet. Most nursing moms love it because it allows them to keep their babies by their bedsides at night. The halo bassinet can be attached to adult beds to enable babies to sleep in the same room as their moms. That way, moms can quickly attend to their babies’ needs at night. What do you need for halo bassinet? This blog post will discuss them in detail. We will also answer frequently asked questions about the halo basket that can benefit you.

3 things you need for the Halo bassinet 

Are you wondering, “What do you need for halo bassinest?” Below are some of the items.

1. Bassinest sheet for Halo basket

You will need some sheets to keep the halo bassinet comfortable for your baby. The halo bassinet sleep surface could be too hard for your baby if they were to lie on just the bassinet mattress. To ensure your baby’s comfort and that they can sleep well, you need to make the halo bassinet softer and more comfy. You can achieve that by using bassinet sheets. Like most moms, it is advisable to have a collection of about three sheets to ensure your baby always has one to use at any time.

2. Newborn inserts for Halo bassinet

The newborn insert helps keep your baby safe inside the halo bassinet. Babies are used to feeling comfortable and snug inside their mothers’ wombs, and the newborn insert for the halo bassinet tends to replicate that feeling. When you lay your baby inside the halo bassinet, the insert will help to cuddle them so they feel like they are in your arms. That can help to keep your baby calm and make them sleep well and for extended periods. With the newborn insert inside your halo bassinet, you won’t wait endlessly for your baby to fall asleep.

3. Mattress pad for Halo bassinet

You will need a mattress pad for your halo bassinet because that is what your baby will be sleeping on. Halo bassinet mattress pads come in different materials, most commonly waterproof. That helps to ensure that stains are easily cleaned off the bassinet. A waterproof mattress pad will also prevent the bassinet from being soaked in water or pee that may accidentally spill on the bassinet sometimes. You should buy at least two mattress pads for your halo bassinet so you can always have one to use if you decide to make changes to the bedding. 

FAQs On Halo Bassinet

How many bassinet sheets do I need for halo bassinet? 

To ensure your baby’s comfort, you should always have about three bassinet sheets for your halo bassinet. You should always have a clean sheet to place in the bassinet, even on wash days. You should also have a spare if you must travel with your baby and their bassinet.

What age is Halo bassinet newborn insert for? 

The halo bassinet is best for your baby as newborns up until five months or when they are about twenty pounds. You can place your baby in the halo bassinet at the stage where they cannot independently roll over, crawl, or go on their knees.

When to remove the halo bassinet newborn insert? 

You should remove the halo bassinet newborn insert when you notice that your baby can roll over on their own. That usually happens around five months of age. Such independent movements can be risky as your baby can roll off the bassinet if you are not nearby to attend to them.

Is it safe to use a mattress protector in bassinet? 

Yes, it is safe for you to use a mattress protector in your baby’s bassinet. It can help to protect the mattress pad from getting soaked in urine and water. It also makes the mattress durable. Mattress protectors usually comprise a waterproof material, making it impossible for the mattress pads to get damaged by water and other liquids quickly.


You may have been asked, “What do you need for halo bassinet?” probably at the baby shop where you plan to get proper bedding for your newborn. From what we have discussed above, you now know some of the essentials you should include in your halo bassinet. Some bassinet

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