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10 Best Snoo Newborn Tips

When the word “babies” is said, it is easy to assume they are all just a congregation of newborns with similar needs, but that is, in fact, very far from the truth. Like adults, babies are individuals and do not necessarily follow the same patterns. While some are shy, others are not. Some are sensitive, others are indifferent. The same thing applies to soothing and sleeping. Some babies calm with white noise, some with jiggling, some with feeding, and others with all.

If your baby wouldn’t gel with SNOO, we have the best Snoo newborn tips for you.

1. Take Things Slowly With Your Older Baby

The first Snoo newborn tip is that you take things slowly with your older baby. If your baby is beyond six to eight weeks of age, you may want to give them as much time as four to five days to acclimatize to the new motion and sound. The more you get them to nap and sleep in SNOO, the better they get used to it. Take it one step at a time.

2. Place Your Baby Down Asleep

Here’s one fact you need to know; if your baby is used to falling asleep on your body, you will have to give them time to adjust. If this sounds like your case, here’s something you want to try; once the time comes to sleep or nap, place your baby in the SNOO snack, let them eat well, and then rock them into a sweet, deep sleep.  Set the motion on a low level, purple or blue, with your SNOO App. And after four to five days of naps and nights in SNOO, they should have gotten familiar.

3. Create Happy Memories in SNOO

Another best Snoo newborn tip is to let your baby have fun times in the SNOO at least thrice, every day. Give them a great massage in there, then cuddle up outside. Awesome gestures like this can help them see why SNOO is fun.

4. Learn The Signs

You have to know what exactly it is your baby needs, so you don’t go forcing them in a SNOO when they are fussing from hunger, cold, or dirty diaper.

5. Trust Your Parent Instincts

If after a minute, the SNOO doesn’t calm your baby, then it probably cannot. If you sense it is not working, by all means, carry your baby out and soothe them.

6. Swaddle With Baby’s Arms Down

Snug wrapping is one of the fastest ways to get your baby settled. The majority of babies prefer sleeping with arms down, so that may be an issue you want to attend to.

7. Help Your Baby Get Fewer Naps In The Day

If you cannot prevent your baby from napping during the day, ensure it is not up to two hours, so they actually sleep in the SNOO at night.

8. White Noise

Some babies need noise to actually calm down. If you realize SNOO is not doing it for your baby, you may want to run a hair dryer 6 inches away for a couple of minutes or get the Hatch Rest white noise machine.

9. Give Them Food

Sometimes, your baby is not calming down because they need to eat more. Fix that, and see what happens.

10. Use A Pacifier

Last but not least best Snoo newborn tips is to use a pacifier. If your baby wouldn’t stay in a SNOO, a pacifier may do the trick. Plus a pacifier can reduce the risk of SIDS.

Is The Snoo Really Worth It?

If you are skeptical about getting a SNOO, we put it to you that the SNOO is very much worth using, as it helps your baby develop safe sleeping habits.

Can You Use SNOO Without Motion?

Yes, you can. While in weaning mode, the SNOO doesn’t stop giving your sleeping baby comfortable sounds and doesn’t provide motion unless your baby cries.

Can You Use SNOO As Regular Bassinet?

The SNOO is a fantastic product and can be used as a regular bassinet or even adapted into a crib. Hence if you are looking for an idea that will stay with your baby every step of the way, choose SNOO.

Can You Use SNOO With Arms Out?

If your baby is between four to five months, it is okay to let their arms out of the large SNOO snack via the armhole.

Can You Use SNOO Without Swaddling?

You can use the SNOO with or without swaddling. So if your baby doesn’t think well of the swaddle, SNOO still has their back.

Bottom Line

It may not be a popular fact, but babies are individuals. They have different traits, and personalities. While some are outgoing, others are withdrawn, and that applies to SNOO. If your baby is not doing well in SNOO, we have provided practical and best Snoo newborn tips for you in this article. Go, Mum!

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