Baby won't sleep in other people's houses

Baby won’t sleep at other people’s houses? 5 things to do

Does your baby have trouble falling asleep in other people’s homes but naps easily at home? When you meet up with friends, you might need to set your baby down, but he or she starts to make a fuss. There are different reasons why your baby won’t sleep at other people’s houses. Here are 5 things to do to make your baby feel at ease while sleeping at other people’s houses.

Reasons why babies won’t sleep anywhere else

  • Change in the environment: If your baby is familiar with one environment and is taken to another, he or she will fuss, and struggle to go to sleep and your baby won’t sleep at other people’s houses.
  • Frequent on-the-go naps: When babies have naps frequently on the go, it becomes difficult for them to get an actual nap when you get to your destination.
  • Lack of sleep routine: Babies sleep well with a sleep time routine, if your baby doesn’t have a sleep time routine, it might be a struggle putting him or her to sleep at other people’s houses

5 things to do when your baby won’t sleep at other people’s houses

1. Make sure the room is dark: Use a travel blackout shade to keep the room dark: By using blackout curtains or shades, you can completely darken the room to help your little one fall asleep.

Your baby will sleep better and longer with the sleep-out curtain, even when visiting other people’s homes. It is a portable, simple-to-install blackout curtain that quickly makes any space dark.

The Sleepout Curtain is made of 100% blackout fabric, allowing you to put your baby to sleep wherever and whenever you like without worrying about them making a fuss.

2. Follow the sleep routine at home: Creating a sleep routine will assist in ensuring that your baby gets the required amount of sleep each night.

Sleep routines are things you do every night before bed. Even when your baby is sleeping at someone else’s home, your routines can lengthen and increase the quality of sleep.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep your baby’s bedtime routine regular so they won’t make a fuss when they sleep at other people’s homes. There is no need for a complicated sleep schedule. Even a simple, three-step practice can be helpful.

3. Use the baby’s favorite sleep items such as the blanket and loveys, etc.: A familiar object can offer emotional support, particularly in an unfamiliar or strange environment.

Even if your baby hasn’t developed a strong attachment to a certain item, having a familiar object from home can be very reassuring while visiting someone else’s house. This object could be a blanket, pacifier, or even the baby’s favorite toy.

When giving your baby a toy, keep an eye on them to prevent choking hazards from occurring through them placing the toy in their mouth.

4. Take a “practice” nap in another room in your house: Allowing your baby to take one nap a day or a few times per week (depending on their age) in another room of your home is one of the best ways to get them to sleep soundly at other people’s homes.

You can place the playpen in another room and keep an eye on your baby via a baby monitor. This will make it easier for your baby to adjust to sleeping somewhere other than in the usual room.

5. Use white noise: White noise has an overwhelmingly good effect on your baby’s sleep. Additionally, it will aid in masking any strange noises the new environment might create.

If your baby is fussing or crying, you can start by turning up the white noise to the volume of their cries; however, once your baby has dozed off, gradually turn it down to 60 to 70 decibels. White noise can be safely played all night long at that volume.

Getting your little one to sleep peacefully and without a fuss is one of the greatest wishes of a parent. What do you do if you have been able to make your little one sleep peacefully at home but your baby won’t sleep at other people’s houses?

Highlighted above are reasons why babies won’t sleep at other people’s houses and 5 things to do to ensure your little one has a peaceful sleep in a different environment.

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