Do you need a mattress for a travel cot?

Do you need a mattress for a travel cot?

Nursing mothers may need to travel occasionally with their babies. In such a situation, you may likely be worried about how and where your baby will sleep. Thankfully, there are travel cots specially designed for that purpose. You can buy one and take it along on your journey. The travel cot serves as your baby’s sleep area when you are away from home. Do you need a mattress for a travel cot? Yes, you will likely need one as the mattress that comes with the travel cot when you purchase it is usually very thin and may not provide adequate comfort for your baby when they sleep.

Why are travel mattresses so hard?

Travel cot mattresses are usually so hard because their width is a little. The more the mattress width, the more likely it is to be fluffier and softer. Since travel cots are typically produced to be lightweight, their mattresses have little thickness; hence they are mostly hard.

What age can a baby sleep in a travel cot?

Your baby can sleep in a travel cot as soon as they are born. The travel cot is suitable for babies from birth until about three years old. You should, however, check what the manufacturer’s instructions are concerning particular products.

Can a baby sleep in a travel cot without a mattress?

Your baby should not sleep in a travel cot without a mattress. Babies need some level of comfort in their sleep areas for them to sleep well. The travel cot will be unbearable for your baby if they sleep in it without a comfortable mattress. Do you need a mattress for a travel cot? Yes, you should get an extra mattress if the travel cot mattress is not providing the required comfort.

 How to make a travel cot mattress more comfortable

If you feel that your travel cot mattress is too hard for your baby, add some materials to increase the level of comfort the travel cot gives. Adding some blankets or soft sheets to pad the travel cot mattress further. You can fold the blanket or sheet into various layers before placing them on the travel cot mattress. You can also choose to buy an extra mattress to increase the thickness of the travel cot. You must, however, ensure to buy the right mattress size, as the wrong side can make the cot uncomfortable for your baby.

Can a baby sleep in a travel cot long term?

No, your baby shouldn’t sleep in a travel cot long-term. Travel cots are usually not so durable to last for very long. They are usually light and fragile. They also do not provide adequate support for your baby’s back and spine, so you should not allow your baby to get too accustomed to it. You should only allow your baby to sleep in a travel cot when you are transitioning from one location to another.

Can I use a travel cot instead of a cot?

The travel cot is made for your baby to sleep when you are in transit and not to take the place of the regular cot. It should, therefore, not replace your baby’s bed. You should ensure to switch back to your baby’s cot, bassinet, crib, or bed when you are not traveling, as they provide better comfort that your baby needs to enjoy their sleep.


The travel cot can provide a sleeping area for your baby when you travel with them. They are, however, mostly light and not as durable as your baby’s regular indoor cots. Do you need a mattress for a travel cot? Yes, it is advisable to get an added layer of comfort for your baby to sleep on, so getting a mattress for the travel cot is in order.

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