Can a baby sleep in a dockatot

Can A Baby Sleep in A DockATot

The DockATot is a sleek lounger designed for babies to have a safe and comfy environment to lounge from infancy through toddlerhood. It is designed for use while parents are nearby, and this leads us to two key questions; can a baby sleep in a DockATot? Is it even safe? In this article, you find answers to these questions and more, so giddy up!

As a new mom, you can get caught up with endless recommendations of baby items so much that you may fall for an attractive but negligible device such as DockATot. DockATot is a lounger, and frankly not for your baby to sleep in. If safety is your goal, which we believe it should be, you should check one of the safer alternatives we will provide in this article.

Do I Need a DockATot?

Quite frankly, DockATot does not offer use and value that is commensurate with the cost. The chances that you will be using the gadget for a long time are very slim. While the company says it can be used until your baby is eight months old, the fact is a lot of babies would have started moving around before this time.

Can Baby Sleep in DockATot Overnight?

No, your baby cannot sleep in DockATot overnight, and here is why. Normally, babies are to be placed on a firm, and flat surface for sleep. This doesn’t sound like DockATot which even now comes with a label that discourages the use of the lounger in a crib or bassinet.

Why Is DockATot So Expensive?

Ever found yourself wondering why a DockATot is so expensive? Well, it is due to the high-quality materials from which it is made, and the design used in the product. DockATot is designed with a standout, non-toxic foam that makes lounging both safe and comfortable for your little one.

Safe Alternatives to DockATot

You don’t have to use DockATot, if you don’t want to. Below are 4 safer alternatives for you.

1. Lotus Travel Crib

If you are ready to spend DockATot worth of money on a baby item more useful and safer, then you cannot go wrong with Lotus travel crib. Apart from being user-friendly and safer, the Lotus is something your baby can use up until their toddler years. Plus it is lightweight, portable, and comes with fancy features like a side-zip door, for your maximum convenience.

2. Fisher Price On-The-Go Dome

If what you want is a smaller item that is easier to maneuver around the house, you should give the Fisher Price On-The-Go Dome a shot. Here’s what makes it safer than the DockATot; it comes with breathable mesh sides. It is also light, and quite portable.

3. Galt Playnest

While DockATot functions as a parking spot for little cuties, the Galt Playnest is a baby container alternative and a versatile one at that. It is one item with more features than the Galt Playsnet; it has a baby holder, activity center, and sitting support. However, keep in mind that the Playnest is not designed for sleep.

4. Boppy

Of all the flaws that come with DockATot, one of its very few marketing strengths is probably the ability to use it as a spot to practice tummy time. If you want something similar in a better and safer product, Boppy is one alternative you will very much grow fond of. It works well as a support pillow both for feeding and nursing.

Bottom Line

Frankly, the bottom line is that you should go for products that serve your purpose particularly if they are safer, cheaper, and better alternatives.

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