Travel cot for 3 year old

5 Best large travel cots for 3 year olds

Are you searchig for travel cots for 3 year olds? As a parent, it’s important to ensure that your little one feels comfortable, especially when traveling. Travel cots come in handy at this time as it is designed to provide toddlers with a secure and comfortable area to rest while on the go.

Travel cots, in contrast to standard cots, are designed for parents who are constantly on the road. They are primarily recognized for their portability and simple folding mechanisms. Is there a large travel cot for a 3 year old? To meet your baby’s needs, you would need to select a suitable travel cot. Here are a few suggested travel cots.

5 large travel cots for 3 year olds

1.   Dream On Me Travel Light Playard

The Travel Light Playard is the perfect traveling companion for parents with a 3-year-old because it can be set up and collapsed in a matter of minutes. Your child will feel comfortable on the Travel Light Playard because it has a soft mattress. Also, the sides of the playard are made of a soft, breathable mesh fabric that lets your baby breathe comfortably. The see-through fabric also lets your little one look out and helps you keep a watch on your baby. With a removable and machine-washable mattress pad, the Travel Light Playard is simple to maintain.

2.   Regalo My Cot Deluxe Portable Toddler Bed with Canopy

The Regalo My Cot with Canopy Portable Toddler Bed is a multipurpose cot for your toddler who needs a secure, cozy place to sleep or hang out. With an all-steel frame that is lightweight and strong enough to support up to 75 pounds, this durable bed rail offers an extra layer of safety from falls and tumbles for your busy toddler. Furthermore, it includes a UPF 50 canopy that easily pops out and snaps on to create a covered area for your 3-year-old to play while being protected from the sun.

3. Lightweight Foldable Travel Crib

This playpen is strong enough for your toddler to play and sleep in.  The lightweight foldable travel crib has a durable frame, polyester fabric, reinforced stitching, and is sturdy and built to last. Toddlers will have a secure and comfortable resting environment wherever they go with this. The portable crib’s sides are made of flexible, light mesh fabric. It enables your baby to peek out while also allowing you to keep an eye on them. Also, the travel crib’s soft mattress and ample space make it a comfortable place for your baby to sleep at home or while traveling. It is suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years old and is a great large travel cot for 3 year old.

4.   HUGBINO Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

For parents who are constantly on the go, this inflatable travel bed is essential. The HUGBINO portable child travel bed’s extra-large safety wall ensures that your toddler will be secure during the entire night. Because of its elevated sides, your toddler won’t roll out of bed in the middle of the night. It completely encircles the toddler air mattress, keeping your toddler and linens safe and in place. A toddler travel bed can be challenging to inflate, but this travel toddler bed has a battery-free international hand pump that makes inflation simple and operates in any location, regardless of local power sources.

5.  EVERYDAY KIDS Toddler Nap Mat with Removable Pillow

For kids between the ages of 3 and 6, the Everyday Kids Toddler nap mat will be a perfect large travel cot for 3 year old. This sleep mat includes a comforter front rather than just a thin blanket front, unlike other ones on the market, so your toddler will feel at home in bed. With a nap mat made just for them, you can assist your child in getting the sleep they need. Since it is made entirely of polyester, your toddler will stay warm and comfortable. The mat’s roll-up form, practical fastening closure straps, and carrying handle make it easy to transport. Furthermore, it has a removable pillow that makes washing and maintaining it simple.


As a parent, you might have wondered that are there large travel cots for a 3 year old? This is because ensuring that your little one is comfortable even while on the go is a priority. The task of getting a large travel cot can be tasking as there are numerous options to pick from. However, the above recommended 5 best large travel cot for 3 year old would guide your purchase.

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