Is it safe for a newborn rolling to side in swaddle

Is it safe for a newborn to roll to the side in a swaddle?

Swaddling is a long-aged technique that parents use to keep their babies safe. Swaddling is great and useful, but as your baby grows, they will learn new motor skills like rolling over. As a result, parents can question that Is it safe for a newborn to roll to the side in a swaddle. Rolling to the side is an important developmental milestone for babies but swaddling may become a safety problem at 4-6 months of age because it might restrict a baby’s ability to move around and prevent them from rolling back on their back, which can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. When babies begin to roll over, it is important to stop swaddling them.

How to stop a newborn from rolling to the side

1. Use a sleep positioner / Anti roll side sleep pillow

    You can use a sleep positioner to keep your little one on their back and keep them from rolling to their side. It can be positioned beneath your little one in the crib and can be of different sizes and shapes, like a cushioned ring or a wedge-shaped pillow. To get the most out of a positioner, it’s important to use one that is specially made for babies and to follow the manufacturer’s directions. Anti-roll side sleep pillow such as the RUIXIA Baby Anti-Roll Side Sleep Pillow is also a good option.

    2. Use a wedge

    To prevent a baby from rolling onto their side, lay a wedge or towel coiled up behind them. However, it’s crucial to check that the wedge or towel is positioned correctly and does not pose a suffocation risk. It’s also important to remember that using a wedge or towel rolled up should only be a temporary measure. Here is a Side Sleeper Wedge Chair Positioner you can try out.

    3. Use a firm mattress

    A firm mattress gives a baby a firm surface to sleep on, which keeps them from rolling onto their side. Babies are more likely to suffocate on a soft mattress because it may conform to their body shape which is dangerous. For newborns whose spines are still developing, a firm mattress is also helpful for spinal support.

    4. Place your baby to sleep on their back

    It has been recommended that babies should be placed to sleep on their backs since putting the infant on their back makes it harder for them to turn over to their side while sleeping. Additionally, studies have shown that this position lowers the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). A baby’s airways are kept free and clear when they are placed on their back, lowering the risk of asphyxia.  Your baby will be less likely to roll over onto their side as they become accustomed to sleeping on their back.

    5. Keep an eye on your baby

    Parents should keep a close check on their babies while they sleep to make sure they are in a safe sleeping posture. Gently move your baby back onto their back if they roll over onto their side. Since sleep is crucial for a baby’s growth, it’s necessary to be gentle and try to prevent waking your baby during the process. Furthermore, it’s important to keep an eye on the infant during the night to make sure they are breathing normally and are not having any difficulty breathing.

    6. Remain calm

    Seeing your baby turn onto their side while sleeping might be disturbing, but it’s essential that you keep your calm. Make sure your baby is secure and at ease by gently rolling them back onto their back. Your baby will eventually become used to sleeping on their back because rolling over is a normal part of its growth.


    It’s important to consider your baby’s safety while swaddling as they grow and acquire new motor abilities but Is it safe for a newborn to roll to the side in a swaddle?  A baby’s ability to roll on its side is a crucial developmental milestone, but if they are swaddled, it can also be dangerous. Highlighted above are tips on how to stop newborns from rolling onto the side.

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