What to do when your baby is too big for swaddle

What to do when your baby is too big for swaddle

The joy of parenting comes with the fulfillment that you are ensuring that your little one is comfortable. To give a newborn baby warmth, comfort, and security, parents swaddle their baby. Swaddling is a traditional practice that entails wrapping the baby tightly in a blanket or piece of cloth. Babies up to a certain age or weight can usually be swaddled safely, but it’s essential to keep an eye on the baby and stop swaddling them once they start to roll over or can unwrap themselves. If your baby is too big for a swaddle, below are recommended things to use after swaddling.

When is a baby too big for a swaddle?

It is recommended that you should stop swaddling a baby when they begin to roll over or can roll from back to front. Although every baby is different, this often occurs between 4-6 months of age. When a baby begins to roll over, they should be able to push themselves up and move around unrestrictedly using their arms and legs. At this point, they would be able to break free, which can result in a health hazard. It’s also crucial to keep in mind as a baby outgrow the swaddle as they get older you would need to know what to use after swaddling. Below are recommended options.

What to use after swaddling?

1. Use the Magic Sleepsuit

The ideal transitional support for your baby’s sleeping requirements is Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit if your baby is too big for a swaddle. It encourages healthy sleeping patterns and gives parents assurance that their little one is getting enough sleep for healthy growth and development. The sleepsuit is designed for back sleeping in the crib at a temperature that is appropriate for babies.

The Magic Sleepsuit makes a fantastic transitional product when your baby is prepared to stop being swaddled. The sleepsuit’s distinctive style makes your baby feel safe and cozy. Also, the sleepsuit offers a sense of coziness and security, assisting your baby in adjusting to its new resting arrangement. It is important to note that the proper fit and timing of introducing the sleepsuit are critical to the safety and effectiveness of Baby Merlin’s Magic sleepsuit.

2. Use the Halo swaddle sleepsacks

When it comes to keeping your baby warm and secure while they sleep, the HALO Sleepsack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket is the best option. This wearable blanket is made of soft, breathable microfleece and is intended to keep your baby warm and cozy all night long. Its ultra-soft polyester microfleece fabric offers the perfect level of comfort for mild seasons or environments.

Given that it is plush both inside and out and wicks away moisture, it can be layered with warmer sleepwear for milder climates. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has acknowledged its distinctive, roomy sack shape as “hip healthy”; it gives room for kicking yet cannot be kicked off, keeping your baby warm and secure throughout the night. For simple diaper changes, its inverted zipper opens from the bottom. Furthermore, it is sleeveless to lessen the possibility of overheating.

3. Use the Woombie

For parents looking for a practical and adaptable swaddle for their developing baby, the Woombie Grow with Me Baby Swaddle is the ultimate pick! This swaddle is made of soft, breathable fabric and is intended to give your baby a cozy, safe sleep environment. It can be extended up to 18 months to accommodate your baby’s changing demands, guaranteeing restful sleep at every developmental milestone.

By purchasing the Woombie Grow with Me Baby Swaddle, which develops into three different swaddling sizes and then into a giant/extra large, arms-free sleeper, you won’t need to buy as many swaddles and wearable baby blankets. The Woombie Grow with Me Baby Swaddle Convertible is a convenient and useful addition to your baby’s sleeping routine when your baby is too big for swaddle


Have you noticed that your baby is too big for a swaddle? Although swaddling has a lot of benefits for your little one, it is important to monitor your little one so you can make the transition. Highlighted above are recommended options to use after swaddling. Your little one’s comfort is a priority so ensure he or she is comfortable while transitioning.

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