How to transition from Snuggleme to crib

How To Transition from SnuggleMe to Crib

Sleeping nests are loved for their ability to create the kind of cuddled feeling that your baby deserves, and SnuggleMe is one of the most popular brands around. But here’s the thing; sleep products like SnuggleMe are not absolutely safe for babies, and if your baby already has a habit of sleeping there, you should try to wean them off to a crib as soon as possible. How? Find out here

When To Stop Using SnuggleMe

Your baby is good for Snuggle Me until their butts grow onto the end of the lounger when they are rested down in it. This is usually when they are between six to nine months of age. Even after this time, your baby can still use it for a while, but only when the lounger is propped up.

Can Baby Roll Over In SnuggleMe Organic?

The SnuggleMe Organic Wool is a user-friendly lounger designed by a group of seven Mums over ten years ago. It is different from a padded bassinet, regular nest, or dock in that it doesn’t have protective features to cuddle your baby in, nor can it allow them to roll over.

How To Get Baby to Sleep Without SnuggleMe

1. Use Merlin’s Magic Suit To Transition

Are you looking for ways to transition your baby out of SnuggleMe? You should try the Magic Sleepsuit; an authentic swaddle transition sleep suit committed to providing a comfy, calming, and safe sleep environment for your little one. Besides helping your baby develop healthy sleep habits, the Merlin Magic Suit gives you peace of mind as a parent who is confident that their baby is getting proper rest. Because the Merlin’s Magic Suit comes with your baby’s comfort in mind, it is designed with a soft and breathable, and breathable jersey cotton inner layer, a soft cotton outer layer, and a layer of polyfill in between.

  • Use Zipadee Zip Suit To Transition

Whether you are a new mom or a soon-to-be one, Zipadee Zip is one item you need to include in your nursery. Produced from the best quality material blend, the Zipadee-Zip sleep swaddle blanket keeps your baby warm and comfy as no other sleeping product can. If you are looking to transition your little one out of SnuggleMe to a crib, Zipadee-Zipn may be your best bet as it is designed to serve as a swaddle transition for babies from 3 months of age and beyond.

  • Use A Sleep Sack To Transition

A sleep sack is another effective way of transitioning your baby out of SnuggleMe. Besides nestling baby like a soft blanket, sleep sacks come without the risk of sleep-related hazards and are the choice sleep product recommended by many hospitals nationwide. More so, sleep sacks are preferred because they work, and are safe, warm, and comfortable for your baby to sleep in.

Bottom Line

SnuggleMe, like other sleep products, is a convenient baby tool and makes nursing easier for you as a parent. But as great as these things are, they are not very safe and even not advisable for continued use. In this article, we showed you how to transition from snuggleme to crib.

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