Are fans bad for babies

Are fans bad for babies?

Making sure that your little one is comfortable and safe is one of your top priorities as a parent. Using a fan is one of the most popular ways to keep a baby cool throughout the summer but are fans bad for babies? In some circumstances, fans might be beneficial for babies. In hot weather, a mild breeze from a fan can assist in regulating a baby’s body temperature and keeping them cool.

However, using a fan should be done with caution since there are certain possible risks involved. Highlighted below are guidelines to follow while using fans for your little one.

Will ceiling fans make newborns sick?

As a parent, you might wonder if the ceiling fan makes newborn sick. Here is what you should know. Although the air currents produced by a moving ceiling fan may make a baby uncomfortable, they are unlikely to make them sick. However, it’s essential to take the necessary safety measures to guarantee your baby’s safety while using a ceiling fan.

Can a fan take a baby’s breath away?

No, a fan won’t stop a baby from breathing. However, it’s important to take precautions while operating a fan near a newborn because the airflow might be intense and make the baby uncomfortable or they might find it challenging to breathe.

Additionally, if a fan is placed too close to a baby’s face, the forceful airflow may limit the baby’s ability to breathe, particularly if the baby has cold or other respiratory problems. When using a fan, it’s important to keep an eye on a baby’s breathing and comfort level.

How to position a fan in baby room

As a parent, safety, and comfort should come first when deciding where to place a fan in a baby’s room. Below are guidelines to remember when positioning the fan in the baby’s room

  • The fan needs to be fastened securely or set up on a solid surface to reduce the possibility of it falling and hurting someone.
  • To avoid direct airflow and make sure the baby isn’t too cold or overheated, place the fan at a safe distance from the cot.
  • Selecting a fan with adjustable speed and noise settings might aid in making the infant comfortable without disturbing their sleep.

Best fan for baby room

1. Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Air Circulator Fan

For your baby’s nursery, Vornadobaby has created the Breesi Nursery Circulator, a portable and efficient cooling and air circulation device. It has a soft airflow that gently moves all of the air in the space, maintaining a cozy and even temperature. You can adjust the airflow to your baby’s needs with the control panel’s simple-to-use settings.

The Breesi Nursery Circulator is an excellent complement to your baby’s room because it is energy-efficient and silent. Additionally, it has a safety-focused design that protects your baby’s tender fingers. The Vornadobaby Breesi Nursery Circulator can keep your baby cozy and secure whether it’s nap or playtime.

2. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

The Dyson Multiplier Tower Fan is an efficient air multiplier that sends a strong stream of cold air into any room. The fan’s bladeless design makes it safe and simple to clean, making it a great option for households with young children or animals. The fan’s remote control lets you change the airflow speed to your preference while maintaining a smooth, even flow of air.

The tower fan has a sleep timer as well, which can be set to turn the fan off after pre-set times, saving energy and enhancing convenience.  The Dyson Multiplier Tower Fan is the ideal solution for cooling down your living room or bedroom for your little one if you have asked that are fans bad for babies

3. ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan and Air Purifier in one

Your home will receive cool air as well as air that has been cleansed thanks to the ULTTY Bladeless Air Purifier and Fan.  The bladeless design of this fan not only makes it safer for kids and simpler to clean, but also produces a smooth and even airflow without the unpleasant turbulence of conventional fans. You can adjust the airflow to your preferred direction and strength thanks to its oscillating function and three fan speeds.

A convenient remote control is also included with the ULTTY Bladeless Air Purifier and Fan, allowing you to change the settings while standing in another part of the room. It’s an excellent option for a peaceful and relaxing living area because of its low noise level.


Many parents have asked that – are fans bad for babies. Here is what you should know. Fans may benefit babies, but if not used properly, they may pose certain hazards. To prevent any potential risks, it’s essential to keep a safe distance between your baby and the fan. The recommended practices are highlighted above. However, if you have any worries about using fans with your baby, it is advisable to speak with a medical expert.

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