What to do when a baby only sleeps in a carrier

What to do when a baby only sleeps in a carrier

Babies go through several sleep challenges as they grow. Some may need more sleep due to distractions and changes in their sleep pattern. Others may only sleep if they are on a preferred surface or location. Some mothers complain that their baby will only sleep in a carrier. They wonder why their baby won’t sleep in their crib or bassinet. Today’s blog post will address this issue. So if you are a mom whose baby will only sleep in a carrier, read on as we proffer helpful tips that can help you overcome this problem.

Why do babies sleep so well in a carrier? 

There are several reasons why your baby may sleep well in their carrier. These include:

  1. Comfort: Your baby may experience physical comfort while in the carrier, making them sleep well. When you hold your baby close with a carrier, it can make them feel the type of comfort they had in the womb. As you sway or rock them in the carrier, they may feel soothed, like in the womb, promoting good sleep. 
  2. Warmth: Your baby enjoys the warmth they feel when in the carrier, which helps regulate their body temperature. They also breathe well and have good heart rates because of the heat. All these can make your baby sleep well in the carrier. 
  3. Calming effect: As you carry your baby in the carrier, they experience less environmental stimulation. They also feel safe that they are very close to their mom. That calms them and helps them to sleep better.

Is it normal for babies to only nap in a carrier? 

All babies are different, so they may like to nap in places that suit their personality. It is, therefore, not abnormal for a baby to only nap in a carrier. You should be more concerned about the quality of sleep your baby gets in the carrier. However, if your baby will only sleep in a carrier, consider introducing them to napping in other sleep places like the bassinet, bed, or crib. It can be a difficult task, but with gentleness and consistency, you can help your baby overcome the practice of napping only in a carrier. 

How can I get my baby to sleep without carrying?

Try and establish a sleep routine and do all it takes to make them relax before bedtime. Ensure you give them a warm bath and feed them well. You can also massage their bodies to aid relaxation of their muscles. Swaddling is very effective for making babies sleep in their cribs or bassinet, so you should do that often. Again, you should not wait for your baby to completely sleep off before laying them down in their bed. As soon as they become drowsy, lay them down to sleep. That way, they will learn to self-soothe and sleep off independently.


You can get overwhelmed with allowing your child to sleep in the carrier always. If your baby will only sleep in a carrier, you should try the ways discussed in this blog post to help them sleep in their bed or crib. Your baby needs a little push to break out of their comfort zone. You should, however, be gradual in your approach to avoid them being overwhelmed by sudden changes.

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