Baby sleeping with a comforter over the face

What to do when a Baby sleeps with a comforter over the face

As parents, we all want our little ones to have a safe and cozy sleep, right? But what if you discover your baby sleeps with a comforter over the face? That can be a little concerning, so it’s important to respond quickly to keep them safe. There is a higher danger of suffocating and overheating for a baby sleeping with a comforter over the face. Their airway may become blocked by the soft fabric, which could result in respiratory difficulty or possibly lethal effects. As responsible parents, it is important to act right away to solve this issue and stop similar ones from happening again. Below is everything you should know so your baby can be safe.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep with a comforter?

In general, it’s not recommended for babies to sleep with a comforter. Those soft, cushy blankets could unintentionally cover their tiny faces while they sleep, which is extremely dangerous. It is preferable to use lightweight blankets made exclusively for babies rather than comforters. You know, those wearable blankets or sleep sacks that keep people warm without covering their faces. They’re like tiny sleeping sacks that keep them warm while allowing their arms and legs to move around freely. Additionally, it is recommended not to put comforters in the crib or bassinet to promote a secure sleeping environment.

Why does my baby cover her face with a blanket when sleeping?

It’s very common for babies to sleep with blankets covering their faces. There may be several causes for this. First off, keep in mind that babies are still developing motor skills, so they may unintentionally pull the blanket over their face while attempting to change their position or get comfortable.

Another reason would be that babies enjoy the calming and comfortable sensation of being covered in a blanket. It appears as though they are simulating the closeness of the womb. The problem is that they are unaware of the dangers of suffocation involved. Additionally, babies have a natural attraction to plush and soft objects. Therefore, if the blanket is nearby, they might take it and use it to hide their face while they sleep.

To prevent this, a secure sleeping environment must be established. Consider using wearable blankets or lightweight blankets designed especially for newborns. Additionally, watch out for your little one at all times to make sure their sleeping space is clean of any loose bedding.

At what age can a baby have a comforter in a cot?

It is usually recommended to wait until your baby is one-year-old or older before placing a comforter in a baby’s cot out of caution. For babies younger than one-year-old, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against using any loose bedding, including comforters. This is because young children at that age have a higher risk of suffocating or overheating when soft bedding is present. Always put safety first, therefore it’s advisable to see your pediatrician if you have any questions. They can offer specific advice depending on the growth and particular requirements of your baby.


When deciding whether to let your baby sleep with a comforter, it is important to put their safety first. When your baby sleeps with a comforter over the face, he/she runs a serious risk of breathing difficulties and excessive heat. When it is safe to place a comforter in your baby’s cot, usually at one year of age or older, it is advised that you speak with your pediatrician for specific advice and recommendations.

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