What to do when a Baby's head falls forward in a car seat when asleep

What to do when Baby’s head falls forward in a car seat when asleep

Moms sometimes go out with their babies in the car. It is required that such moms keep their babies in the car seat while they drive. The car seat will help to protect the babies from getting in harm’s way while the car is in motion. However, despite being strapped in a car seat, there are situations where a baby’s head falls forward in a car seat when asleep. That can get your baby in an uncomfortable situation. You can solve this problem of a baby’s head falling forward in a car seat when asleep with some valuable tips and products. Today’s blog post will let you in on it all.

Is it normal for a baby’s head to fall to the side in the car seat?

Yes, it is quite normal for your baby’s head to fall to the side while in a car seat. Little babies who are less than four months old may not be able to control their head and neck muscles. This makes it impossible to sit heads up in the car seat. As a result, their head may likely fall to the side as the car moves. Again, when kids fall asleep in their car seats, they will become oblivious to their surroundings. They will also be unable to control their heads while in the car seat, even if they are old enough to do so while awake.

5 things to do when a baby’s head falls forward in a car seat when asleep

  • Adjust the car seat angle: Different car seat brands have recline positions that you can easily adjust. You can learn how to do that by checking your car seat manual. After knowing what to do, you should go ahead and adjust your baby’s car seat recline position to properly support their head so it does not fall forward when next they sleep. You can also buy car seats that come with head supports or headrests that you can easily adjust.
  • Use additional head support: If you observe that the head support in your baby’s car seat is insufficient to keep their heads from falling forward while sleeping, you can add some extra support. You can buy such specialized head support such as the Bcozzy head support pillow for babies.
  • Check the harness straps: Your baby’s head may fall forward while sleeping in the car seat because the harness straps attached to the car seat are loose and do not properly fit around your baby’s shoulders. That can make your baby fall out of position when they sleep. You should ensure to adjust them properly so they fit well and give your baby the needed protection.
  • Make regular stops during long journeys: If you are traveling a long distance with your child in the car, it will help to take regular breaks from driving to allow your baby to have some time outside the car. You should allow your baby to leave the car seat and stretch their body for some time before continuing on your journey. When your baby changes position like that, it will help them be more comfortable for the rest of the trip.
  • Rear-facing car seat: You can also use a rear-facing car seat to provide added support to your baby’s head and neck when they sleep on their car seat. However, you must ensure your baby is within the recommended weight and height limits.

Best infant head support for car seat

1.           JJ Cole baby head support for car seat

The JJ Cole head support can help babies stay comfortable when they ride in cars. It will also help them stay upright if they fall asleep while seated in the car seat. The design of this product is such that you can adjust it to support your baby’s head properly. It comes in beautiful and colorful styles that you can choose from. It is just what you need as a busy mom who is always on the go.

2.           Pro Goleem car seat head support for babies

The Pro Goleem Car seat head support is very affordable and effective for keeping your baby safe and comfortable in their car seat. It comprises soft and durable material, soothing to your baby’s skin. It is well-padded to give your baby extra support. It is suitable for babies up to 12 months of age. This head support is easy to install and can be used with a baby swing and stroller beside the car seat.

3.           DILIMI Baby car seat head support

The DILIMI Baby car seat head support is suitable for infants who use the car seat. It is made with soft, breathable fabric that keeps your baby warm and comfortable in any weather. It is soft and tender on the skin around your baby’s head. This head support has multiple functions, as you will find it useful for your car seats, bassinets, strollers, and baby swings.


If your baby’s head falls forward in the car seat when asleep, you must ensure that their safety and comfort are not compromised. Take the steps discussed above to give their heads, necks, and spine the needed support as they travel with you in the car. You can also purchase any of the car seat head-support items listed above. Remember, your baby deserves all the comfort they can get when outdoors with you.

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