Can baby sleep on my chest if I'm awake?

Can a baby sleep on my chest if I’m awake

Your baby needs to get good sleep daily to stay healthy and strong. Just as the quality of sleep they get is important, so is the surface on which they sleep. Your baby should sleep in their bed depending on their age. They can also share your bed with you if you can be careful to observe standard safety tips to avoid suffocation. Some nursing moms ask, “Can baby sleep on my chest if I’m awake”? The answer is yes. Babies love to enjoy the warmth of their mothers’ bodies, so they would like to sleep on your chest. 

Why do babies sleep better on Mom’s chest? 

Babies thrive better when wrapped in their mother’s loving arms or when in contact with her skin. Can baby sleep on my chest if I’m awake? Yes, your chest is one cozy place where your baby feels very comfortable. They are easily comforted there, which makes them sleep off most time. When your baby cries or is cranky, by placing them on your chest, you can quickly get them to stop crying, and within a short time, they sleep off. 

Laying babies on the chest is also a way for moms to bond better with them. So when your baby sleeps off on your chest, it is because they feel strongly connected to you besides the comfort the chest provides for them. Babies also experience warmth when sleeping on their mom’s chest. 

This warmth is suitable for their proper development and helps them to maintain an excellent physiological balance.

Can a baby suffocate sleeping on your chest? 

Yes, a sleeping baby can suffocate on your chest, as with any other sleeping surface. Your baby can suffocate if it lies in a position that leaves no room for its nostrils to take in air quickly. It is, therefore, necessary for you to monitor them while they are sleeping on your chest. You should place their heads sideways to allow for proper breathing. You must avoid them sleeping with their face placed directly on your chest as that will bury their nostrils in your chest, making breathing difficult.

How long can a baby sleep on my chest? 

A baby sleeping on their mother’s chest is a natural thing that comes easily. Most times, it begins with cuddling. As the baby enjoys being cuddled on your body, they will likely sleep off. Your baby can also sleep on your chest once you notice their usual cues for wanting to sleep. As they begin to rub their eyes, signifying that they are sleepy, you can gently lay them on your chest to sleep. The best position for your baby to sleep on your chest is to lie on their tummy with their face turned sideways.


Can baby sleep on my chest if I’m awake? Of course, they can. Being awake makes it even better as you will be conscious to monitor them as they sleep on your chest. You must ensure they are positioned in such a way that their nostrils are not covered with your clothes. That will prevent any risk of suffocation. When you are awake, you are also able to ensure they don’t fall off your chest. 

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