How to help a baby that wakes up at the slightest noise

A deep and healthy sleep is essential for the proper development of babies. It helps their physical and mental well-being. Babies should not wake up too frequently at night as that can prevent them from falling back asleep on time. Waking up frequently at night reduces the quality of the rest your baby should be getting. What can you do if your baby wakes up at the slightest noise? How can you improve their sleep? Today’s blog post will look into this issue and proffer valuable tips on how to put a stop to the problem of “your baby wakes up at the slightest noise.”

5 Ways to Help a baby that wakes up at the slightest noise

  1. Establishing a sleep routine: The importance of creating a sleep routine for your baby is that their bodies soon get used to going to bed at a specific time every night. Soon, as that time approaches, they will naturally start to feel sleepy and eventually fall asleep. Such sleep will also be deep and calming, and they will not wake up at any slight noise because their bodies will be in sleep mode. 
  • Eliminate unwanted noise: Since your baby wakes up at the slightest noise, it will help if you eliminate all unwanted noise from their sleep environment. Try to keep the house as quiet as possible at night to avoid waking your baby up. Turn off all entertainment devices like televisions and home theaters. You should also ensure that no cell phones are close to your baby’s bed so they don’t wake up when the phones ring. 
  • Swaddle your baby: Swaddling has proven to be a preferred soothing method for keeping babies calm at night. Swaddling your baby in warm clothing or a sleek sack can keep them deep asleep and reduce their frequency of waking up at night at the slightest noise. The swaddle gives them great comfort, and they are bound to have longer undisturbed sleep. 
  • Use a white noise machine: You can make your baby listen to continuous low-volume noises that can make them not notice the distracting noises as they sleep. You can achieve this by using a white noise machine or playing low soothing music in the background as they sleep. That helps to mask annoying noises that are detrimental to their having a good night’s sleep.
  • Gradually introduce your baby to noise: As time goes on, it will help to gradually introduce your baby to regular noise in their environment so they get used to it. You can begin with noise from the television and radio and move on to slightly louder sounds with time. Soon your baby will not find every noise as distracting, even while asleep. 

When do babies become sensitive to noise when sleeping?

Babies become sensitive to noise when sleeping if they are not deep asleep. If your baby’s sleep is shallow, they can wake up when they hear noises around. However, when your baby is deep asleep, they will not easily be distracted by surrounding noises and will not wake up too frequently. If your baby is not well prepared for bed or is not well relaxed before bed, they will likely be sensitive to noise when sleeping.

How to make baby sleep in noise

You can make your baby sleep in noise by ensuring they are well-comforted. You can do that by teaching them to self-soothe with items like a pacifier. You can also swaddle your baby so they are very relaxed as they sleep in the noise. You can block off disturbing sounds by using a white noise machine. Above all, you should practice making your baby sleep with some noise on so they can get used to it. Once they are used to that particular noise, you can introduce a new type or level of sound as they sleep.


It can be frustrating when your baby wakes up at the slightest noise. That is why you should practice the tips in this blog post. You must ensure your baby’s safety and well-being as you engage the above-discussed tips. You can also consult your pediatrician for additional ways to help your baby sleep deep and uninterrupted. They will surely wake up stronger and more alert and happy.

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