Why do babies like to sleep on your chest?

Why do babies like to sleep on your chest?

Sleep is a vital aspect of any child’s development. They should have a good dose of it daily through naps and sleep. It is expected that babies should sleep in their cots or bassinet whenever they want to sleep. However, they sometimes like to sleep on their mom’s chest. Why do babies like to sleep on your chest? It is because they enjoy your warmth and like being cuddled. Your baby will naturally feel very relaxed as you carry them on your chest and will most likely sleep off. This act also fosters the bond between you and your child. 

Can a baby sleep on my chest if I’m awake? 

Yes, your baby can sleep on your chest if you are awake. When you are awake should be the best time for your baby to sleep on your chest as you will be alert to monitor them better. If you are awake, you can be attentive enough to know when your baby is rolling over to prevent them from falling off your chest or having a sleep accident. 

For your baby to sleep on your chest while awake, it would be best to be stationed in a relaxed position. While at it, you can engage in activities like knitting, reading a book, listening to music, or watching TV.

How long can a baby sleep on the chest? 

Your baby will usually fall asleep on your chest while you are cuddling them. As they feel more relaxed from the soothing effect of your cuddle, they soon doze off. Once you are sure your baby has slept off, you should quietly take them to their crib or bassinet to continue sleeping. It would help if you did not allow them to sleep for too long and eventually wake up while still on your chest. 

What to do when your baby will only sleep on your chest? 

Why do babies like to sleep on your chest? It is because they feel safe being very close to you. Despite the closeness your baby shares with you, it will become a cause for concern if your baby only wants to sleep on your chest. You can do the following to make them sleep in their crib instead:

  1. Swaddling: You can swaddle your baby and lay them in their cot to sleep. Swaddling mimics the soothing effect that your baby will otherwise enjoy while on your chest. Try to swaddle them often, especially once you notice their usual signs of sleepiness. 
  2. Create a sleep routine: Try to lay your baby down in their bed to sleep at a specific time every day. Carry out some activities to help them wind down to sleep just before laying them down in their cot. These include giving them a warm bath, massaging their bodies, feeding them, and singing them a lullaby. 
  3. Be consistent: Whatever approach you employ to make your baby sleep in their cot rather than on your chest, you must be consistent. That way, your baby can get used to sleeping in their crib whenever it’s their bedtime. 


Why do babies like to sleep on your chest? Your baby loves to sleep on your chest to stay connected with your motherly love and care. Though that can be a beautiful sight, you should not encourage your baby to keep sleeping on your chest as a routine. Try the tips above to help them sleep in their space at night. If you are overwhelmed with the situation, you can also speak with your doctor to offer more professional advice.

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