What to do when Vacation ruined your baby's sleep?

What to do when Vacation ruined your baby’s sleep

There are instances where you must travel with your baby as a nursing mother. It could be a family vacation, and you cannot possibly leave your baby behind. Moms do, however, discover that they will have to deal with some issues after the trip, such as their baby finding it difficult to sleep the way they used to. If vacation ruined your baby’s sleep in your case, this blog post will enlighten you on the likely reasons why that has happened and also give valuable tips on how to get your baby back to sleeping well again.

Why is my baby not sleeping after a trip?

There are several reasons why your baby is not sleeping after a trip, and below are some of them:

  • They may be stressed after going on a trip. Their little bodies may not be able to handle the stress well, and they may react by having sleep troubles.
  • The trip may disrupt their usual routines, like feeding, napping, and sleeping times. They may find adjusting to their sleep routine hard after the trip.
  • Babies get used to specific environments, like your home, where they have been since birth. Taking to a different environment may make it difficult for them to sleep.
  • They may also become overly active due to the trip and find it hard to sleep.

7 things to do when vacation ruined your baby’s sleep

If vacation ruined your baby’s sleep, you can try the following to help them readjust to their regular sleep routine:

  • Maintain a Consistent Routine: Try to get your baby back to its usual sleep schedule before embarking on the trip. Ensure you are consistent with it, as that is the only way your baby can get used to it again.
  • Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine: Do things that can help your baby relax just before going to bed. Give them a warm bath, a gentle massage, sing to them, or read them a bedtime story. All these activities can help them wind down and doze off.
  • Reduce Stimulating Activities: Avoid or completely cut off any activity that can stimulate them during bedtime. You can turn off all noisy electronic devices and bright lights. You should also reduce loud chatting around the house so they do not get distracted.
  • Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment: Make your baby’s room and sleep environment as comfortable as possible. Lay them on soft and cozy mattresses and regulate their room temperature.
  • Watch for Overtiredness: Promptly respond to signs that show that your baby is overtired and ready to sleep. Once you notice they start yarning or rubbing their eyes around their bedtime, do not hesitate any further to put them to bed.
  • Be Patient: Getting your baby to sleep well again after a trip can be challenging. You have to be patient with your baby as they try to regulate their sleep pattern.
  • Monitor Naps and Wake Time: Be attentive to know how your baby naps during the day. You should ensure they are not getting too little or too much sleep during day naps. Wake them up to eat if it is feeding time. That will help them sleep well at night.  


When next you go on a trip with your baby, it will help prepare your mind for any “vacation ruined baby sleep” problems. You can arm yourself with the tips discussed above to overcome such challenges with your baby so they can sleep well again. You must, however, be patient and encourage them to make that adjustment. Understand that it is not their making, and the situation is equally difficult for them as it is for you.

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