Is your child sleeping on the floor instead of a bed?

Is your child sleeping on the floor instead of a bed?

As kids grow up, they may pick some bad habits. Some of such habits could involve preferring to sleep in the wrong places, such as on the floor, couch, or table, rather than in their bed. When a child sleeps in their bed, they will enjoy the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. A child sleeping on the floor instead of the bed can lead to unpleasant health challenges and increase the risk of suffocation. Today’s blog post will examine children sleeping on the floor instead of their beds. It will give you possible solutions to help your child stop this bad habit. 

Is it bad for a child to sleep on the floor? 

While sleeping on the floor is not bad in itself, it is not good for a child. Several factors make sleeping on the floor bad for a child. Firstly, the floor may be uncomfortable and too hard for a child to sleep on. That can cause restlessness and other sleep defects. You can provide your child with a blanket to cushion the hard effect of the floor if they must sleep on it. Again, newborns and infants ought to sleep in cribs or bassinets, which are appropriate for their growth and development. Sleeping on the floor is bad for children’s health, and a child sleeping on the floor instead of the bed can develop illnesses such as pneumonia.

How do I get my toddler to sleep in his bed instead of on the floor?

You will require a lot of patience while getting your toddler to sleep in his bed instead of on the floor. Below are some tips that can help you achieve this feat.

  1. Baby’s sleep environment matters: Your toddler will like to sleep in his bed if the sleep environment is cozy and inviting. You can use soft bedding on their bed, and be sure to include their favorite blankets and soft stuffed animals. Use bedding with their favorite color, and make sure the room is not too cold or hot for them to sleep in.
  • Have a bedtime routine: Like we always advise, you should plan out a bedtime routine for your toddler. You can engage them in bedtime activities such as singing lullabies, reading bedtime stories, and having warm baths before they finally get into bed. Also, ensure that they eat appropriate food portions before sleeping. All these will help to set their mood right for the night’s sleep.
  • Create an evaluation system: It would help to create a system with which you can evaluate your child’s progress such as a bedtime chart for your toddler. The chart should show their bedtime routine and should include sleeping in their bed. Make your toddler put a sticker on the chart whenever they accomplish any bedtime routine activities. By involving them in the transition process and incorporating this fun chart activity, their progress will likely improve faster.
  • Employ positive reinforcement: Praise works like a charm on kids, so you should praise your toddler whenever they resist the temptation to sleep on the floor and instead sleep in their bed. Hug them and offer some little rewards like candies as they improve their sleep habits.
  • Consistency is vital: To ensure that your child sleeping on the floor instead of the bed successfully transits to the proper sleep routine, you should be consistent in your approach to solving the issue. You should also be patient with them and offer all the encouragement you can.


Your child sleeping on the floor instead of the bed can become a thing of the past by practicing the above-mentioned tips. It would help if you also educated your child in the best way they can understand the dangers of sleeping on the floor. Enlighten them on the health benefits of sleeping in their bed instead. With a lot of patience and positive reinforcement, your child should enjoy sleeping in their bed soon.

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