Can baby sleep in MamaRoo

Can Baby Sleep In Mamaroo?

Most new moms ask this question all the time – “Can a baby sleep in MamaRoo”? As a new parent, chances are that you have heard a thousand things and more about safe sleep education. This is not out of place, considering the scary numbers of infant sleep casualties every year. Whether these casualties are from SIDS or suffocation problems, the point is they are a thing and should be attended to.

While most infant health contents say that a baby needs a safe place to sleep, and suffocation risks like teddy bears should be avoided, the safety of Mamaroo for babies has not enjoyed sufficient analysis. Deciding what to do may be hard in a situation where your baby is tired, and drifts to sleep in their Mamaroo. If anything, it will give you that very much-needed time to get your tasks done.

But here is the question; can baby sleep in Mamaroo?

What Is A Mamaroo For Babies?

Mamaroo is a classic, multidimensional, swinger, rocker, and bouncer. It comes in five distinct motion settings which mimic the womb’s sensations. It is dubbed as an ideal device for newborns between 5 to 25 pounds, or until your baby learns to sit on their own.

The MamaRoo’s rocking motions can be adjusted to seven various speeds, and the seat is totally reclinable from almost flat, which is 47 degrees, to upright. User-friendly and flexible, with MamaRoo, the seat grows as your baby does.

MamaRoo comes in a downright riveting and contemporary design, is compact, and does not occupy lots of floor space. Assembling it is far from a big deal, and its seat is both removable and fully washable. It also has a detachable mobile to keep your baby lively at all times.

The motions on the MamaRoo can be regulated from a control panel on the swing, and some versions of it work pretty well with Bluetooth. What this means is, that you can control the setting just directly from your phone. And if you want your baby to have a feel of your music, you can connect it from your phone to the swing.

The MamaRoo is an all-around baby swing, and so it is understandable if parents grow fond of it.

Is MamaRoo Worth It?

Can a baby sleep in MamaRoo may lead you to a second question; Is MamaRoo worth it?

The MamaRoo baby swing is beneficial. The price is the only drawback, in that some parents think it is too expensive for an item that will be used for only a few months, especially when there is other cost-effective options with even better specifications.

The bright side of owning a MamaRoo is; that it is one of the few baby items with a quality resale value. Hence, if you happen to have one, you can make at least 60% of your bucks back. If you are considering purchasing a new MamaRoo, you may be right to get secondhand or borrow from someone who has, should your little one ends up not fancying it.

Is MamaRoo Safe For Newborns?

MamaRoo is not a safe item for sleep, including overnight sleep and supervised naps. Now, you may already have an idea that swings are not safe for sleep. And the question, for you, might be more than “can a baby sleep in MamaRoo”. It could be “are the risks of letting your baby sleep in a bassinet actually fatal”? This is what we address in this part of the content.

No swing, including MamaRoo, was designed with sleep in mind. As a matter of fact, swings do not meet federal standards for safe baby sleep. This, partly, is due to the fact that swings do not provide a firm and equally flat surface for sleep – a necessary feature to lessen the risk of SIDS.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a baby be removed from a sitting device immediately if he falls asleep therein. An appropriate flat surface or a crib is an ideal alternative.

How Long Can a Baby Be In Mamaroo Swing?

Pediatricians recommend that your baby should not spend more than one hour a day in any motorized swinger. To be on the safer side, you should not leave your baby in a MamaRoo for more than thirty minutes at a time.

How to Minimize Your Baby’s MamaRoo Time

To undo your baby’s fondness for MamaRoo, you need to adopt a gradual approach. You can achieve this by incorporating a new sleep association into your baby’s routine. In a situation where your baby is over four months of age, to help them unlearn their MamaRoo habit, you can give sleep training a shot.

The rocking motion of MamaRoo soothes babies and reminds them of how things used to be in the womb. And so, it makes sense to rock your baby in the first two months of life to ease their transition into real-world items. The rocking, however, should be reduced after two months, so your baby’s reliance on it for comfort does not become addictive.

One way to do this is by reducing the MamaRoo’s movement speed settings, bit by bit every day until the rocking is no longer a thing.

Removing your baby from the MamaRoo once you notice she’s getting drowsy is another way to break the habit. Transferring her to a crib to sleep is a more productive and safer alternative. To make things easier, you can get the MamaRoo to your baby’s room. That way, she associates the bedroom with sleep.

Finally, you want to ensure you display the MamaRoo as an item of creativity, rather than of sleep for your little one. All you need to do is keep the MamaRoo under bright lights, and play games or songs for your baby while she stays active in there.

Bottom Line

“Can a baby sleep in MamaRoo” is a question of great safety concern to parents and caregivers. And quite frankly, the answer is no because MamaRoo is simply designed for sleep. In this article, we have discussed other ways by which the MamaRoo can be used, and wish you and your newborn the very best.

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