Can a baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer

Can Baby Sleep In Vibrating Bouncer?

After giving birth to a baby, nursing them is the next biggest deal. As a new parent, chances are that you will be tempted to purchase all the tools and gadgets you can find on the market to make the experience a bit easier. And while that is perfectly fine, you should understand that not all gadgets are ideal or necessary for your baby.

Vibrating bouncer seats are advertised as a great way to keep your baby comfortable or soothe her to sleep, while you go about your own business around the house. But don’t go yet! You should understand the safety status of a vibrating bouncer, so your use of it can be as productive as possible.

Parents have a number of questions about the safety of vibrating bouncers, one of which is; can a baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer? If you are one of these lovely parents and want to know if your baby can be left to sleep in a vibrating bouncer, this, right here, is your article!

Can a Baby Sleep in a Vibrating Bouncer?

No, a baby should not sleep in a vibrating bouncer. And this doesn’t only hold for bouncers, it also applies to bouncer seats, swings, car seats, and any baby gadget inclined at an angle greater than ten degrees. This, probably, is no good news for you, given the convenience that comes with a bouncer. But the fact is the fact, and it is that, for the first year of your baby’s life, they should only sleep on a firm and flat surface.

What you will be risking by letting your baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer is positional asphyxia, and it means your baby’s muscles aren’t sufficiently developed to keep their head upright. If they drift off in an upright position, chances are that their head will slouch and their airways might close.

Besides positional asphyxia, there are other risks associated with a baby sleeping in a bouncer, and they include;

Toppling Over

The stronger your baby grows, the higher the risk of the bouncer toppling over. In this case, there are two things you can do. One; although it might be a little more expensive, get a sturdy vibrating bouncer. Two; put it on the floor and do not leave your baby to herself in the bouncer, stay around.

Flathead Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

You should know that your baby’s skull is in a formative phase in those early months of life, and the exertion of force on any one part can make it flattened. This situation is possible in a vibrating bouncer if your baby spends a protracted amount of time in there, and particularly if you don’t change the bouncer angles up.

Delayed Development

Babies that have a practice of sleeping or staying in vibrating bouncers start crawling and walking later than those who don’t. This owes to the fact that the instinct required for these skills are developed when babies move freely; an instance is floor playtime or tummy time.

Agitation and Sleep Issues

If the bouncer you got your baby came with overhead mobile toys, just know that your baby will be stimulated. Their curiosity will be piqued, and they will keep reaching for the toys until they get tired. However, the mental stimulation continues and leaves your little one helpless. This can be an agitating situation, and result in hyperactivity and sleep issues. It can also prevent successful sleep training.

How Long Can a Baby Sleep In a Bouncer?

It is not advisable to leave your baby in a bouncer for more than an hour a day, and twenty minutes at a time. It is also important that you carefully check the size and weight guidelines written by the manufacturer. In any case, 90% of babies will outgrow the bouncer when they are between 9-10 months of age.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Bouncer Overnight?

Apart from the question; “can baby sleep in vibrating bouncer “, another question parents like you often ask is if a baby can sleep in the bouncer overnight. And the answer is not farfetched.

Babies are not to be left in a bouncer unsupervised, and if you are leaving your baby in there over the night, it means your eyes won’t be on her all through, as you will have to sleep too. Hence, unless you want to keep a vigil for your baby to sleep in a bouncer overnight, do not leave them in there. Can a baby sleep in a bouncer overnight? NO.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Bouncer During the Day?

No, you should not let your baby sleep in a bouncer during the day. What you can do is place them in the bouncer to get them drowsy, after which you should take them to a safe baby bed. PS: a safe baby bed is one that is both flat and firm.

Does Vibration Help Baby Gas?

Yes, vibration causes an internal movement that helps to release accumulated gas in your baby’s tummy.

What To Do If Baby Falls Asleep In The Bouncer?

Can a baby sleep in vibrating? No. But what can you do if they fall asleep in it? If your baby is a restless sleeper and one who tends to doze off in the bouncer, what you can do is use the bouncer as a means to get them drowsy and then transfer them to a safe baby bed before they drift off to deep sleep.

In this case, you want to ensure the bouncer is set at an angle of no more than 10 degrees, and your eyes are kept on your little one.

Bottom Line

If anything, the convenience that comes with a vibrating bouncer can be addicting, both for you who have to work around the home and your baby who needs a comfy space to relax. But what is good can be very different from what is necessary. Can a baby sleep in a vibrating bouncer is the right question to ask, and the answer, thankfully, is what we have provided in this content. We hope you learned something!

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