What to do if your Baby won’t sleep without Swaddle but rolls over

What to do if your Baby won’t sleep without Swaddle but rolls over

Welcoming your little one to the family is an amazing experience. However, you can experience difficulties putting your little one to sleep, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Swaddling involves wrapping a newborn tightly in a blanket to make them feel safe and secure. Some babies find comfort in being swaddled as they sleep, but what should you do if a baby won’t sleep without swaddling but rolls over? You will have a better grasp of how to properly transition your baby from swaddling to unswaddling sleep while still maintaining a sound sleep pattern for your little one with these recommendations.

Things to do if your baby won’t sleep without swaddle but rolls over

Use a Sleep sack

A sleep sack is a blanket-like garment that zips up over the baby’s body, freeing the arms and head. It offers a comparable level of coziness and security to swaddling without the dangers of suffocation or overheating that come with swaddling once the baby starts rolling over.  Ensure the sleep sack is the right size for your infant and that it fits snugly before using it. The baby’s sleep sack should be just snug enough to keep them from falling inside, but not too tight that it limits their breathing or movement.

Use White noise

Use white noise as a sleep aid if your baby won’t go to sleep while being swaddled and is starting to roll over. White noise is a calm sound that can block out other sounds and make the baby’s environment more relaxing. It can be used to filter out external distractions and mimic the sound of the womb, which can comfort the baby. Additionally, white noise can encourage longer durations of sleep and the development of a sleeping pattern that is consistent. To ensure that your little one has a pleasant night’s sleep, make sure the white noise isn’t too loud.

Get Comfort items

The use of comfort items like pacifiers, blankets, and stuffed animals can be a lifesaver especially if your baby won’t sleep without swaddle but rolls over. These products can provide babies with a sense of safety and comfort, enabling them to self-soothe and drift off to sleep more quickly. Ensure that any comfort items you select are suitable for your baby’s age and safe for use. Avoid items with small parts that pose a choking risk, and look out for any recalls or safety alerts. Additionally, ensure you follow the recommended sleep rules even while using comfort items for your little one.

Create Bedtime routine

It’s crucial to establish a bedtime routine if your baby won’t fall asleep without being swaddled and has already started rolling over. Bedtime routines are important for helping babies form good sleep habits and for easing them into sleeping through the night without rolling over. When it comes to your baby’s bedtime routine, focus your attention on developing a soothing environment and a consistent schedule that will let your baby know it is time to sleep. This might involve having a bath, reading a book, playing a lullaby, and enjoying some alone time before putting your little one to sleep.

Gradual transition

To reduce the risk of suffocation, it is critical to gradually transition your baby from the swaddle as they begin to roll over. To ensure your baby is safe and comfortable during the transition, it should be gradual and include a few key stages. Every baby is unique, therefore it’s vital to remember that some babies may take longer than others to stop being swaddled. Remember that this is a crucial stage in assuring your baby’s safety while they sleep, so be persistent yet patient.


It can be challenging when your baby won’t sleep without swaddle but rolls over. However, using the recommendations highlighted above, you can be sure that your little one has a secure and comfortable sleeping space. Additionally, if you need help, don’t be hesitant to consult a pediatrician or a sleep expert.

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