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Baby Mittens: All Your Questions Answered

During the first few weeks after birth, your baby’s dressing would be a priority. You might be wondering what exactly you need to have in your baby’s cloth registry and if a baby mitten should be included. You might also have been advised to get a baby mitten for your little one by a friend or family member. It is important to know about a baby mitten and have all your questions about it answered before deciding if it should be included in your baby’s cloth registry.

Baby mittens, Pros, and Cons

Baby mittens, unlike the mittens that adults and older children wear during winter, are designed specifically for newborn babies to have their hands covered. Baby mittens protect your baby’s subtle skin from finger scratches. Your baby’s nails are sometimes hard to trim and this can result in body scratches since they don’t yet have a good control of their hand.

Baby mittens also come in handy for babies when the weather is extremely cold. It keeps them warm and this can prevent any health complications as a result of extreme cold.  Also, Baby mittens are made with soft cotton so they don’t feel heavy on your baby’s hand or cause any muscle strain. Wearing a baby mitten for your little one is one of the best ways to prevent your baby from sucking his/her fingers, so if you are looking for an ideal and cheap way, then you’ve found one. Highlighted below are some of the pros and cons of using a baby mitten.


  • Prevents your baby from scratching their soft skin from their hard-to-trim nails
  • Keeps your baby’s hands warm during winter
  • Prevents your baby from building the habit of sucking his/her fingers


  • It could prevent them from mastering their sense of touch
  • Can easily attract dirt and give your baby germs
  • The tight elastic around the mitten can cause a blockage of blood circulation or injure your baby’s skin

Are baby mittens safe to sleep in?

It is adorable to watch your little one waving their tiny hands in a baby mitten. Although there are advantages of wearing a baby mitten for your little one, but, are baby mittens safe to sleep in? Baby sleeping guidelines can sometimes be hard to grasp but what is important is that your baby is safe while sleeping. It has been recommended by the National Sleep Foundation that newborns should have mittens on while sleeping to prevent the danger of body scratches. But is the danger of body scratch compared to the danger of a baby mitten coming off at night and exposing your baby to a greater danger? The decision for your little one to wear mittens to sleep should be made by weighing the pros and cons and ensuring you check on your little one periodically to ensure your baby has a safe sleep. If you are making the decision for your baby to sleep with mittens on it is advisable to get mittens that would not easily get off to prevent the danger of a choking hazard.

When should babies stop wearing mittens at night?

Babies need to master their sense of touch and be able to use their hands to explore their environment. Hence, it has been recommended that babies should stop wearing mittens between 4-8 weeks after birth.  Your little one would most likely clinch his/her fist in a baby mitten and this can prevent your baby from getting used to the function of the hand. Although baby mittens should be stopped between 4-8 weeks after birth, you can still wear a baby mitten for your little one during winter to ensure he/she isn’t exposed to cold.

Some pediatricians recommend that you can stop wearing a baby mitten for your little one when you are sure that your baby’s nails can be trimmed without injuring your baby’s sensitive fingers. Babies grow at different rates. Hence, it is essential that you monitor your baby’s growth to be able to make the decision on when to stop wearing baby mittens.

5 mittens baby can’t take off

Some mittens can easily come off your baby’s hands and this might put your baby in danger of suffocation. Highlighted below are 5 mittens your baby would not be able to take off.

  • White Newborn Baby Mitten by Nurses Choice: This mitten is designed with breathable cotton which is ideal for your little one. It comes with a soft cuff that keeps the mitten firm on your baby so it won’t come off easily. White Newborn Baby Mitten by Nurses Choice is recommended and used by many hospitals.
  • Modern Baby Newborn Mittens for Baby Girls & Baby Boys: Modern baby newborn mittens for baby girls and baby boys ensure a snug fit on your little one’s hand. It is designed with baby-friendly elastic to keep it in place on your baby’s wrist and prevent your baby from taking it off.
  • Crummy Bunny Newborn Baby Mittens: This baby mitten encourages tiny hands to move freely with its roomy design. The crummy bunny newborn baby mitten is designed with a soft wrist cuff that is safe for your little one. The cuff ensures the mitten stays on your baby’s hand without coming off.
  • HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens: The HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens come with a hook and loop closure to ensure that the mitten is fastened to your little one’s wrist firmly. This feature also allows for custom fit even as your little one grows.
  • RATIVE Newborn Baby Boys and Girls Gloves, No Scratch Mittens: This is a mitten made with 100% percent cotton fabric to ensure that your little one is comfortable. RATIVE Newborn Baby Boys and Girls Gloves, No Scratch Mittens have a soft elastic near the wrist area to ensure the mitten cannot be easily removed.

The decision for a baby to wear mittens is totally up to you as a parent. Baby mitten is considered to be part of your baby’s dress registry. But, you need to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if you want to get it. Highlighted above are the answers to the questions you have about baby mittens.

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