Are baby mittens safe to sleep in?

Are baby mittens safe to sleep in?

The excitement of getting ready for a new life can lead to the joy of purchasing stuff for your baby. Mittens are a type of handwear that cover a baby’s hands.  They are typically made from soft, comfortable fabrics like cotton and are intended to keep a baby’s hands warm. It also keeps their body and face scratch-free; but are baby mittens safe to sleep in?

Although a baby can wear mittens during the day without harm, it is not advisable for them to sleep in them. Mittens can make a baby overheat and present a suffocation danger if they fall off and cover their mouth or nose. Therefore, it’s essential to take off the mittens before your baby goes to sleep.

When to stop wearing mittens for baby

One of the few items you would always find in your baby’s clothing bag is a pair of mittens. Mittens are essential in the first few months of a baby’s existence. Although every baby is different, most babies cease to require mittens by the time they are 6 months old. However other babies could need mittens for a longer time, especially if they have delicate skin or other health issues. Parents, however, must decide whether to discontinue wearing mittens for their children. Additionally, It is crucial to keep an eye on your baby to make sure the mittens stay on.

Is it safe for babies to wear mittens all the time?

While mittens can help keep a baby’s hands warm and prevent scratches, they can also hinder their normal development and sensory exploration. Most parents wonder if babies should always wear mittens. Infants shouldn’t always be covered in mittens since they need their hands to experience and explore their surroundings. It is advised to use mittens when necessary since wearing mittens can make it more challenging for babies to practice gripping and grasping items, which is necessary for the development of their fine motor skills. Thus, periodically remove the mittens while making sure there are no scratches on your baby’s delicate skin.

Do baby mittens hinder development?

While most parents agree that baby mittens are secure and advantageous, some worry that they can hinder a baby’s development. They may even restrict how much a baby may move their hands and fingers. Furthermore, mittens can hinder a baby’s ability to interact and explore their surroundings. This is because wearing mittens prevents babies from using their hands, which is essential to learning about their environment. Hence, even though they may keep your baby’s hands warm, mittens can hinder important aspects of their growth.

Sleep mittens for 6 month old

1. HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens

This pair of Hapiu Anti Scratch Baby Mittens is the ideal mix of fashion and functionality. If you have wondered that are baby mittens safe to sleep in, these mittens would be the best option to start with. They are developed to prevent harmful scratches and thumb sucking, and they are also very helpful for conditions like eczema, dry skin that itches, hair pulling, NG feeding tubes, and squeezing while breastfeeding. Its 100% Combed & Ring-Spun Cotton is Stronger, Softer, and Breathable, suited for No-Pill Washing, which makes it perfect for newborns in every season. Every baby tries their hardest to take the mittens off, but thanks to the Hook&Loop Closure and soft ankle elastic, they will stay on to keep your baby safe for a long time

2. Baby Mittens Anti Scratch

This baby mitten Anti Scratch set, which includes three pairs of mittens and three pairs of scratch gloves, is made for babies who are 0 to 6 months old. It ensures that your baby’s hands are always covered.  Unlike many infant mittens on the market that are tight and confine the hands in a narrow space, it is EXTRA spacious in the hand and fist area to encourage your little ones’ tiny fingers to move. Baby hand gloves come in handy for a variety of situations, including scratching the face, eczema, feeding through an NG tube or nasogastric intubation, keeping young hands warm, larger babies, colicky babies that scratch when they cry, and dry, itchy skin.

3. Adjustable Baby Mittens No Scratch

The adjustable baby mittens no scratch‘s breathable design allows for maximum airflow, keeping your baby’s hands dry and cozy all day. It is simple to put on and take off, can fit the baby’s hand without slipping off, and would also have enough room for fingers to move comfortably. These mittens include adjustable wrist designs that allow the size to be adjusted according to the baby’s wrist. In addition, these mittens are made of cotton fabric, which is soft, breathable, warm, and machine washable. This makes them simple to care for and maintain.


Getting baby accessories is one of the amazing activities you’ll love as a parent, especially when it matches your baby’s clothes or personality. Baby mittens are an accessory every parent gets but are baby mittens safe to sleep in? Highlighted above is what you should know about baby mittens and recommended baby mittens to get for your little one.

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